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August 24, 2010

Two New Applications Notes for LTE Testing

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For engineers involved in LTE product design and development who need to meet tight schedules as they bring high-performing LTE products to market, Agilent has two new application notes on LTE design and test.

TD-LTE E-UTRA Base Station Transmit ON/OFF Power Measurement” describes the LTE TDD E-UTRA base station transmit ON/OFF power measurement—also known as the power-versus-time measurement— as provided in the Agilent N9082A LTE TDD measurement application.

Using SystemVue to Integrate a Flexible R&D Testbed for LTE” describes an integrated solution for testing wireless communication systems based on the quickly evolving LTE standard.  See how Agilent SystemVue is used to integrate all test instruments, create new test waveforms, enable advanced mea­surements, and provide a software reference receiver.

Where: registration is required to download the application notes.

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June 11, 2010

New Brochure on Migration for HP/Agilent 8566 and 8568 Spectrum Analyzers to Agilent PXA Spectrum Analyzers

Test managers are faced with three main choices: maintaining (continuing as is), migrating (specific instrument upgrades) or modernizing (complete redesign) of their ATE systems to take on more support tasks and improve overall reliability. Whether you are migrating or modernizing, your objectives may include reducing footprint required by the previous testers, improving the quality of test, and increasing efficiency while reducing the cost of ownership.

The free brochure covers the transition requirements to a new, high performance signal analysis instrument.  Whether it is for manufacturing, operations ATE, or R&D requires careful consideration, this document provides an overview and comparison of the new Agilent N9030A PXA signal analyzer with the legacy HP/Agilent 8566 and 8568 spectrum analyzers for Technology Refresh purposes within existing programs and ATE systems.

Downloadable on the Agilent website at:

April 16, 2010

New Application Note on Stimulus Response Testing for LTE Components

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The Stimulus/Response Testing for LTE Components application note gives testing requirements and considerations for LTE components.  It also provides test equipment setups, information on creation of LTE stimulus test signals for components, and analysis of LTE signals from components and transmitters.

Where:, registration is required to receive the application note.

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New Solutions Brochure for Wireless Installation and Maintenance and a Wireless Interference Case Study

Agilent now offers a new solutions brochure that helps wireless engineers find the best I&M tools in the industry to test and monitor more cell sites in less time. This brochure also includes case studies, a product selection guide, and online resources. Also available is a new case study that describes how Agilent and Bryant Solutions helped solve GSM 850 interference and intermodulation issues between a wireless operator and a public safety agency.



March 25, 2010

Agilent Technologies Offers Free Measurement Hints/Tips for Data Acquisition

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What:           Agilent is offering a free Measurement Hints/Tips focused on the Agilent Data Acquisition Switch Unit. This item is available only as a complimentary download on the Agilent website. The new Agilent 34972A Data Acquisition Switch Unit consists of a 3-slot mainframe with a built-in 6 ½ digit DMM and 8 different switch & control modules. This product has built-in LAN and USB interfaces so you can easily connect to a PC or laptop without needing to purchase additional IO cards or converter interfaces.

When:        available now

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February 19, 2010

Application Note on Testing High Power Devices using Agilent’s Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer

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What:    This application note discusses the challenges involved in testing high-power devices. High-power devices are common building blocks in RF and microwave communication systems. Mobile phones, base-stations and satellite systems all depend on high-power amplifiers. Characterizing the linear and nonlinear performance of such high-power devices is a critical factor in the design and verification process. Agilent’s nonlinear vector network analyzer (NVNA) and X-parameters offers a unique solution to this test environment

When:    Available now

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February 5, 2010

Agilent Technologies’ Case Study Available on LTE Layer 1 Verification using Agilent SystemVue

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This case study briefly discusses how Xilinx, Inc. verified 3GPP LTE hardware blocks using precisely configured test vectors from a credible, timely algorithmic. The solution involved Agilent’s SystemVue and Agilent test equipment.

Download at:

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September 18, 2009

New application note focuses on baseband IQ analysis

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Agilent’s new application note “Solutions for Addressing Baseband IQ Analysis – Ensuring Quick, Accurate Baseband IQ Analysis of Radio Communications Devices at a Lower Cost of Test“, discusses how engineers can perform fast, accurate and comprehensive baseband IQ analysis early in analog baseband development. The Agilent MXA signal analyzer, highlighted in this application note, plays a key role in helping engineers with this challenging task.

September 1, 2009

Choices for measuring solar-cell output power

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Check out this article by Agilent’s Bob Zollo on measuring solar-cell output power.

In a world dealing with environmental issues and energy shortages, the promise of clean, renewable energy from solar power is driving development of solar-cell technologies. This growth in the solar industry has intensified the need for solar-cell (and solar-module) test and measurement solutions and, as solar-cell size and efficiency grow, cell testing involves managing higher current and power levels, creating the need for more-flexible test equipment.

For more information, Agilent Technologies offers application note Solar Cell and Module Testing, publication number 5990-3262EN.

August 28, 2009

Agilent’s Award-Winning Handheld DMMs

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Agilent may be new to the handheld DMM market, but our family of handheld DMMs keep on winning awards for innovation and excellence. In 2006, the Agilent U1250 family won Analog Zone’s Best Value Portable Test Equipment award as well as an EDN Hot 100 Products award. And now, the innovative Agilent U1253A handheld DMM with OLED display is the 2009 Category Winner for EC&M Product of the Year well as the Test and Measurement Zone winner.
There’s something special about these new Handheld DMMs from Agilent, check them out here.
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