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October 30, 2009

Agilent Technologies Makes Available USB 2.0, 3.0 Design Characterization, Validation Brochure

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What:           The new brochure covers the test challenges engineers face when validating that products comply with the USB-IF specifications, and shows the test methodologies and solutions from Agilent that help meet the definitions contained within the CTS (Compliance Test Specification) published by the USB-IF.

 When:           Available now

 Where:         View the brochure here.

  Additional information:

Agilent Technologies Makes Available Brochure Focused on PCI Design Characterization and Validation

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What: PCI Express® technology is implemented broadly in systems requiring high-speed data transfer, such as video or graphics. Initially embraced by high performance desktop and server systems, it is now also found in embedded applications. This latest revision of the Agilent PCI Express 2.0 Brochure covers the test challenges engineers face, and shows how the Agilent PCI Express solution portfolio addresses these in each application.

When: Available now

Where: View the brochure here Additional information:


October 21, 2009

Agilent Technologies Wins Design News’ Golden Mousetrap Award for Best Product

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Agilent’s U2700A Series USB Modular Instruments family has won Design News’ 2009 Golden Mousetrap Award for Best Products.

Design News has recognized engineering innovation and creativity in product design for more than two decades. This year, Golden Mousetrap Awards were given in four major categories: Electronics, Motion Control/Automation, Hardware/Software, Materials/Fastening/Joining/Assembly and 20 subcategories. Design News editors selected the 23 winners using their expertise in each technology area to determine the “best of.” Agilent was one of two winners in the Test & Measurement sub-category for Electronics in this year’s competition.

The compact U2700A family includes oscilloscopes, a function generator, a digital multimeter, a source measure unit and a switch matrix. Launched over the past 12 months as part of Basic Instruments Division’s suite of value instruments, the U2700A series boasts portability, flexibility with standalone or modular capability, simple set-up, and ease of use.

“Agilent always strives to deliver affordable value-added instruments without compromising measurement functions and quality to serve our customers better,” said Ee Huei-Sin, vice president of Agilent’s Basic Instruments Division. “We are excited and committed to come up with more creative and innovative products as we continue to build our portfolio of instruments.”

More information about Agilent USB modular instruments is available at

 About Agilent Technologies’ Low-Cost Instruments (LCI)

An increasing number of field engineers and technicians worldwide are asking for measurement instruments that can be easily transported for installation and maintenance activities. To meet these needs, instruments must have three key attributes: mobility, accuracy and affordability.

Agilent’s low-cost instrument initiative is focused on providing high-value test equipment in these key areas. Products include bench, handheld and modular devices such as basic power supplies, benchtop and handheld digital multimeters, handheld oscilloscopes, USB data acquisition devices, display testers, Agilent VEE software, and connectivity gateways.

The industry has taken note: These products have won numerous awards over the years. The awards include Elektronik magazine’s Product of the Year, EDN’s Hot 100 Product, analogZONE’s Best Value Portable Test Equipment, Test & Measurement World’s Best in Test category winner and Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) magazine’s Product of the Year category winner.

October 20, 2009

Tour Agilent’s Richardson, TX Calibration Center on Oct. 23

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Agilent Technologies Open House is this Friday, October 23! Tour the Richardson, TX calibration center, view new products, meet our technicians, and network with others in the community.

Please RSVP to

Meeting is 10:30am-1:30pm.

1220 E. Campbell Rd. Ste 100, Richardson, TX 75081

October 14, 2009

October 21 Webcast: ATE System Refresh / Upgrade…An Implementation “Monster.” Can it be “tamed”?

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Date: October 21, 2009

Time: 12pm ET and 12pm PT

Duration: 1 hour

The passage-of-time will inevitably compromise a test system’s ability to provide decision-making information. Upgrades, enhancements, migration &/or modernization may be needed for new measurement capabilities, increased test speed, or to address test efficiency / maintenance / obsolescence issues. But how can the risks associated with software/test program set (TPS) migration and test system / process change be addressed?

 • What are the most-important ATE system refresh considerations?

• What are the options for addressing hardware obsolescence / upgrade?

• Can modernization be accomplished without system re-validation?

• If I can’t touch the Test Program Software, am I “stuck”? Can TPS re-certification be avoided?

• How can one best segment & prioritize such an implementation? Can I upgrade in “pieces”, or must it be done “all at once”? What is a ideal scenario?

• How may the opportunity cost-of-improvements be compared to the status quo?

• Can expected barriers-to-change be addressed? How?

• What are the risks of foregoing modernization? What are the probable benefits?

• What are typical ROIs? Which factors should be considered?

• Can the potential risks of migration be minimized while simultaneously maximizing test system performance / effectiveness? How?

• What is a typical effect of system modernization upon productivity?

ATE experts from both AGILENT and WINSOFT will share their knowledge, combined expertise and experience regarding these and other questions that many companies now face. Attendees will learn about developing & applying appropriate success factors to a well-conceived modernization program. Assessment of modernization barriers & benefits and business cycle considerations (that impact migration benefits and “drivers” of change) will be described. An approach that can leverage both technical & financial opportunities, minimize disruptions, and maximize test-system efficiency / performance & readiness will be described. Assessing financial & technical tradeoffs to create a realistic business case (sometimes with unexpected benefits) will also be discussed.

To register: visit this site.

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